Apple’s new iPhone 5g specifications: what is new?

There is lots of hot news in the gadget market about iPhone 5g, but the exact specifications and price are still wearing a veil. Though all are expecting its releasing in summer 2012, but nothing is sure till yet. It is really very difficult to understand what is going on the minds of Apple developers. No one is assured by the new iPhone 5g features, all are very inquisitive to know, what iPhone 5 release date will be offered by Apple to its gadget lovers and with what advantageous features. All around the story one thing is sure that this time Apple will not provide its product with common functions or technology. It is expected by all that this new version of Apple iPhone series will bring something new to their users as it is necessary to beat the competitors. As there is hot news that Samsung is also launching its new product Samsung Galaxy S3 in June 2012, so it might be quite possible that Apple brings its new sibling at that time.

As everyone is very intrusive to be familiar with Apple’s new iPhone 5 features, there are lots of rumors on the subject. It is being expected by all that this new iPhone 5g has incorporated many new and different technologies such as NFC (Near Field communication), LTE support, a powerful processor, 4+inch display and many more. Further, it will be sleeker, scratch proof, fire proof and more beautiful.

All over the rumors something is truly known that this new generation of Apple iPhone series will be ground breaking and surely it will surprise its buyers. But to say anything cannot be sure as Apple has still kept a cover over its lips and has not informed iphone 5 release date. The thing which we all have to do is just to wait and watch until this new revolutionary version come in market.

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