Protect Your Privacy With Screen Protectors by Clarivue

Screen protectors do more than keep scratches and smudges off the screen of your electronic devices. Keep private messages private and other information safe from roaming eyes with the use of privacy screen protector. Clarivue manufactures universal and custom-fit silicon backed protectors that adhere to the screen through static.

Whether you need an iphone screen protector or protection for your computer screen, there are several varieties to choose from. The ultra-clear protectors keeps the colors and images crystal clear for easy viewing. The anti-glare ipad screen protector makes it easier to use your device in natural sunlight. You can choose a mirror finish screen protector that reflects like a mirror when the device is turned off.

The privacy screen protector makes it difficult to read the screen unless you are directly in front of the device. A slight tilt to the left or right distorts the image. You no longer need to worry about who else is viewing your messages as you scroll through the text messages. This safety feature gives you more peace of mind when doing online banking or shopping.

The screen protectors are quick to install. Line up the PEP film with the screen on your device and press the protector into place. Gently press the surface of the screen protector to smooth away any air bubbles. If you must remove the screen protector, simply use a piece of tape to lift one corner of the plastic film. Peel the screen protector right off the screen. There are no glues or adhesives and no residue once you remove the screen protector.

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