The Zaarly Marketplace Saved This Guy’s Fantasy Football Team

Fantasy football is a pretty big deal to many guys–the Internet cannot fail during those fateful fall days and if a work meeting coincides with draft, well…you may as well play Taps and kiss the season goodbye.

Shane Barnhill is one of the many men who looks at the classifieds and who lives for fantasy football, especially draft day. He plotted draft on his calendar and waited patiently for the day to arrive. He did, however discover a major “oops” which probably would have cost him his team.

In his blog, he says, “With less than 24 hours to go before my league’s fantasy football draft this past weekend, I faced a big problem.  The draft coincided with a lunch date that my wife had scheduled with several friends (she had scheduled it weeks in advance).” He goes onto say that he even double booked his son’s hockey practice, which was scheduled for the same time.

Shane weighed his options which included bailing on the draft, asking his son to skip practice, negotiating with his wife to miss a portion of her lunch (which he said “wasn’t going to happen”) or finding a sub to draft for him.

He says, “That’s when I turned to Zaarly, a service that pairs up people who need help with a variety of tasks with bidders who are willing to take on the tasks for a fee.  Think of it as an eBay for services.”

After quickly downloading the Zaarly app to his iPad he made his first request. He offered $21 under the listing of “sit in for me on my fantasy football draft” and received offers within only a few hours. In fact the bidders backed their bids with some sort of fantasy football resume and statistics.

Shane weighed his options–clearly he was dealing with professionals and wanted to choose the right person for the job. After exchanging a few emails with one of the community members, he made his decision and his team was in the hands of the Zaarly member.

Shane writes, “On draft day, I received an email from the provider to let me know that he’d drafted my team and had even managed to secure both Charles and Fitzgerald.  All in all, a surprisingly good experience — I had a solid fantasy football lineup, my wife went to lunch with her friends, and my son made it to hockey practice.”

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