Unlock iPhone 4 – An overview

With the introduction of iPhone 4, the next topic people are talking about is how to unlock iPhone 4. What do we actually mean by unlocking an iPhone? When we say that we need to unlock iPhone 4, it simply means that we are trying to change the system configuration in such a way thereby enabling the iPhone to be equipped with few additional features that will allow you to have an enhanced user experience.

Basically, in the United States, you will get the iPhone at AT&T as well as Verizon. But it has been observed that unless you unlock iPhone 4, you will not be able to use service of any other carrier. Oftentimes, the bills you receive from AT&T are astronomical. And for this very reason, users prefer to unlock iPhone 4. So, if you are able to unlock iPhone 4, you are in a better position to enjoy varied services at affordable rates. So, in this article, let us highlight on the process if you want to unlock iPhone 4. These processes are mentioned below-

There are many software programs or applications that will allow you to unlock iPhone 4. This process is referred to as “jailbreak”. This facility is offered only by few carriers.

  • If you are planning to unlock iPhone 4, you can first talk to your service provider. If they offer the provision for the same, there is no point in approaching other service providers when your carrier is ready to do it for you.
  • In the event your service provider offers the facility to unlock iPhone 4, there is a waiting period for you.
  • During this waiting period, make the best use of your time by taking a back up of the iPhone.
  • You can wipe out the content of the iPhone if you like to safeguard privacy.
  • You can install a new SIM when you go to the service provider to unlock iPhone 4.
  • You will be required to complete the set up process on your own in the event your service provider is not available.

Why do users prefer to unlock iPhone 4?

When you are planning to leave your country for a few days, you may not want to avail the services of contracted service providers as the expenses are too high. Also, you could as well unlock iPhone 4 as you want to change over to another service provider that offers you many more features as compared to the carrier that you are currently associated with.

So, the concept is more or less like roaming in which you continue to avail the service of your current service provider on any other network (not home network) without the need to change carriers. This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages that you can enjoy if you unlock iPhone 4.

The greatest disadvantage of unlocking an iPhone is that you no longer enjoy the warranty that was on the device. And for this reason, it is always said that if you want to unlock iPhone, you can do so with expert assistance and try not to do it on your own.

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