Money For Damaged Mobiles?

Many people ask, “can I sell my phone?” if their mobile has been damaged in some way, or will not switch on at all. Over the course of a mobile’s life the possibility of it sustaining some operational damage is high. When a replacement phone arrives, the question then turns to the damaged one. Phones are very susceptible to water damage – particularly the keypad which can result in erratic behaviour, or non-functional keys. But this doesn’t mean that the phone is completely useless – in fact, there are many components that can be put to further use. There are now many mobile phone recycling companies that will actually pay to take a damaged phone from customers, and depending on the model of the phone, a handsome sum may be received in return. However, it is vital to act quickly. For instance, if damaged, those who want to sell Blackberry Storm mobiles need to act as soon as possible. The market is constantly moving on meaning that a phone that just a couple of months ago was worth around £40 could be worth half that today.

One of the most important aspects to consider also is that the phone cannot be too damaged. Ones that are snapped in half, for instance, are very difficult to salvage and not worth anybody’s time. The phone itself should be generally intact, and if it is, then there are companies that will pay for it. Industries like this are saving the environment by giving new uses to technology that can still serve a purpose.

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