Sprint brings quality wireless service to its 55 million customers

Global giant Sprint Nextel has long been a leader in the telecommunications industry and excels in their wireless services through Sprint, Nextel, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, as well as NII Holdings which operates using the Nextel label in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. As a globally based internet carrier Sprint represents a large portion of the internet’s backbone with their subsidiary, Clearwire, the largest network in wireless broadband.

Sprint Corporation became Sprint Nextel in 2005

Originally titled the Sprint Corporation the company decided to change the name after acquiring Nextel Corporation in 2005. They remain as two separate technologies for wireless networking, CDMA and iDEN. The long distance telephone service is now called CenturyTel after being acquired by that company after Sprint spun its business of local land line telephone service and renaming it Embarq. Soon after, in 2009, Sprint outsourced the management of the wireless networks to the well known company, Ericsson.

Wireless cards called the Sprint WiMAX now lead in technology

Under the Sprint Nextel brand they launched WiMAX in December of 2008. A wireless card that uses Franklin Wireless, a u300 broadband technology that is amazingly fast and reliable. They rank extremely high in the area of customer satisfaction, comparing favorably with Verizon Wireless, and that’s an important criteria!

Sprint Nextel was the nation’s first in developing all digital as well as fiber optic networking and push to talk iDEN services. Technological advances are an ongoing pursuit and Sprint continues to be a front runner in the telecommunications industry at their AR&ATL tech labs. That stands for Applied Research and Advanced Technology which means the continuation of heritage rich excellence in technology as well as innovation in the industry. Research is an ongoing and vital part of the future of Sprint Nextel and each of their subsidiaries.

World class engineers and researchers strive to keep Sprint a leader

When the first in the nation push to talk iDEN services began, as well as the fiber optic networking which is now the standard in high speed telecommunications both for telephone service as well as internet access, Sprint knew they were onto something huge! They’ve worked hard to maintain that lead with constant research and development as new ideas become available. Security, multimedia, wireless technology are each areas that constantly change and improve and the brain power at Sprint keep ahead of the rest with innovative ideas that truly work.

OC-192 is the first full bandwidth in the industry. The world class engineers at Sprint are leaders in that area of technology and they plan to keep it that way.

Partnering with researchers as well as working with leaders in industry

With labs located in several areas of the U.S. including Sterling, Virginia, Overland Park, Kansas, and Burlingame, California Sprint Nextel is in an excellent position to be pack leader in the telecommunications industry and particularly in wireless technology. They partner with industry organizations, academic researchers, and forums to secure their place in the constantly advancing field of media communications and wireless applications.

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