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Hoverboards – the present from the future

HoverboardsHoverboards are the ultimate dream of any teenager. From the early 85’s through the blockbuster ’’back to the future’’, hoverboards were introduced to us and since then they have made us crazy. Not only children, but people of every age have desired this hover board. Everyone thinks that hoverboards can only be seen in science fiction and dreams, but in the 21st century through many modern gadgets you can mend your own hover board. Undoubtedly it wouldn’t reach near the ones which was shown in ‘’back to the future’’ but still they will surely prove to be cool. For any further information on hover boards or on how to make one, visit this website.

For many years everyone has admired a hoverboard. Once in the 90’s there was a rumour that in reality hoverboards are being made, and that rumour alone increased the heart beat of nearly every single earthling. Actually building a hoverboard is not that difficult. All you need is some money, few electronic devices, and lots of patience and determination and a little bit of guidance which the following points will provide:-

  • It is often said ‘’the better the root of the tree is, the better is the tree’’, so at first you need to make the main body of the board. For that purpose use a wooden piece of board. If you can find then you may use any other replaceable light and long lasting material. Try to avoid plastic as they won’t last longer and ruin both your board and hard work completely.
  • Now to make this board levitate you surely can’t use the methods which are shown in the film, so use leaf blowers instead. You will need around four of them. Two for the bottom, one at the top and the last one for the thruster. Now as you are just making the basic model so you should try to avoid the fancy stuffs.
  • Next step is the most difficult one. You have to add or eliminate the leaf blowers accordingly. Remember one thing that the success of the leaf blowers solely depends on your weight. So add or eliminate them accordingly. As the main purpose of the board is to levitate, so you will need at least two leaf blowers at the bottom, and to balance the device fix one at the top.
  • Now as you have fixed two blowers at the bottom and one in the top, now it’s time for the final blower. Install it to the back end of the board. This one will be used to navigate the board.

If all the given steps are followed, then making a hoverboard will be a piece of cake. You may still think that is it possible to make a hoverboard? And to find the answer try making one. Almost every teenager is trying to make their hoverboard and many of them have successfully made it. So now it is your time to make one and enjoy.