How Tech Has Shifted The Gaming World

Depositphotos_1968264_sAs written in late December, the influence of mobile phone on our life is evident and most definitely here to stay. In fact, you can argue that they’ll become even more relevant in our daily lives, be it as a means of working, learning, or simply performing routine tasks. At this moment, there are ways that phones have helped boost those three specific types of activities, among others, but not to the point they’re universally crucial. Now, when phones will reach that point in our existence remains unknown, but their impact is undeniable and stretches across cultures and even forms of entertainment.

All one must do is look to the gaming world for the perfect example of how mobile technology has made such a difference. Since late 2003 when Nokia launched its failed N-Gage system, companies have been trying to figure out how to tap into a market dominated primarily by Nintendo and its always-evolving line of Game Boys. At present, it’s transformed into one of its most remarkable stages to date in the Nintendo 3DS, which is the world’s first-ever 3D gaming system that doesn’t require glasses. Pretty amazing, especially when you consider they have sold over 15 million units in Japan alone.

As Nintendo has tinkered with its devices, so have the larger phone-related tech companies out there. Most significantly, the smartphones that run on either Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android have seen major developments in their approach to gaming. It’s gotten to the point where games on phones have become their own franchises, such as the wildly popular Angry Birds and Clash Of Clans. Not only that, but other communities within the widespread gaming world have caught on, too. This includes the realm of online gambling, a multi-billion dollar industry where, like everywhere else, it’s an adapt-or-die culture. BetFair is one company that has shown its strength in this category by doubling down with their approach. In addition to making their entire site and game catalogue usable on a mobile browser, they have released various apps for use on Android and iOS devices.

Moving through 2014, it’s expected that the mobile gaming landscape will only get better and more intuitive. For specific reasons why, you can just look to this list of the most-anticipated games of the year while even bigger news will impact the gaming community at large. Amazon is getting ready to release their own dedicated game console, according to Forbes, before the year is over. It will be familiar to the current big-name consoles out right now, such as the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, in that it will be an all-in-one device. You’ll be able to play Android games, watch on-demand movies and TV, and stream music. Now, will it be able to compete with the competition? Given Amazon’s track record, it’s difficult to assume anything but at least meager success.

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