Learn the Efficient Storage of HP 364 Black Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges will mostlypersist for anextended time period if they are preserved in good order. HP 364 black ink cartridges feature a drawn-out shelf life and pledge that the products will worktill the expiration of the warranty date, impressed on the undersurface of the cartridge. By fittinglystacking away and upholding your HP ink cartridges, you can ascertain that your cartridge will be in sound working condition when you will make use of it in the time to come.


In case your HP 364 ink cartridge is yet to be unfolded from the factory packing, it can be kept away safely and will run for a more protracted amount of time in comparison to ink cartridges that have been taken out. If the packing has not been closed, ink can evaporate by way of the nozzles and the casing constructed of plastic. If it goes in a sealed condition, the cartridge will be in splendid condition well beyond the ‘Install before date’ imprinted on the package.


Make sure that the HP 364 black ink cartridges are stored in a dark place at the normal temperature of room. These items need not be preserved in a refrigerator. Store them in the container in a vertical position. Never stack away a cartridge in an inverted manner or on its sidesurfaces. As soon as the HP ink cartridge has been unsealed, keep it in the printer only. When the machine carriage lies in the home position, the cartridges are protected in a region where they are prevented from becoming dry.

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